Here’s a video we posted back in May.

Why are we posting it again? Fair point. Bit arrogant & aggressive, but we’ll look past that and answer your question…

Number 1. It’s amazing. “I’m not comfortable with convenience replacing artistry”??? C’mon…. That’s some Aristotle-type-shiiiiit right there. Why am I speaking like that? GET OFF MY BACK MOM!!!

Number 2. Couldn’t find a better Theo Parrish video. I’m serious. Whilst the mixes show his ability to creatively use his rotary mixer to take DJing, in his words, ‘past just playing records for people’, the video shows him digging and summing up his ethos in a way that his sets can only do subconsciously.

(Number 2 is a lie. Here’s a video that is the equal of the other video. The RBMA lecture/interview. Within 2 minutes he has his eyes closed imploring people to listen to the Wonder and sonic experience of Stevie)

Number 3. Mark E bigged him up so much in our latest podcast that we simply couldn’t NOT put up the video again. What’s that? Where the hell is the link for our podcasts?? Crikey, calm down…. It’s here:


Number 4. He’s playing in Birmingham. No, really. He is. On 31st August 2012. Another amazing Leftfoot show. Another amazing Hare & Hounds show. Adam Regan and Matt Beck also DJing.

Tickets are extremely limited for this show so we strongly advise advance tickets.
£10 advance -
More information from…

This man is post-post-DJing. Future. Past. Present. All in one. Proof? Listen to the opening track on his RBMA Live at Watergate set. James Brown. Doing it to Death. Listen to the loops, the use of EQ.