‘Let’s grab a bloody burger and get back into the work’

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Liars come to Birmingham on 18 October 2012. That’s in a few weeks! Event details here:


I first saw Liars at The United Sounds of ATP in 2006 before I’d heard any of their stuff. It was brutally loud. Seriously intense. From that point on they have released album after album, each one different from the preceding one, each one pushing new ground.

 Here’s the wicked video for No.1 Against The Rush:

There’s a great piece on them, written by Angus from off of the band, in the ever-excellent Stool Pigeon from a few months back. It’s worth reading the whole thing but here’s some great quotes that some up their worldview, their creative outlook


“Getting out of the comfort zone is pretty natural for us. When I think back to when we made our first record and moved on to the second, the thing that would have been expected of us would have been to recreate and refine what we established on that first album. Not doing that was the best move we ever made. It set a precedent for us in that we said to each other, ‘Let’s sink the ship and find something else to make music with’.”


“When you’re writing a record, everything becomes secondary. If I need to, I’ll stay up three nights in a row, do x amount of stimulants — anything to help make it happen. Your body pays the toll for it but that has to take a backseat through the creative process. It’s a complete focus on the work as opposed to saying, ‘Well, I should eat healthier.’ No, let’s grab a bloody burger and get back into the work. It’s abandoning everything else and putting yourself in a position where epiphanies can happen…But you go all in and it feels like everything else is not important, which is detrimental in a lot of ways. Health, social life, relationships — all that goes out the window.”


“In today’s world, it feels like you’re constantly bombarded with stuff…It takes a massive effort to get away from it. Even when Aaron and I were out in this cabin in the woods, it was still hard to block it all out. I like to watch basketball, for example, and in the background there’ll be a Nicki Minaj or a bloody Maroon 5 song constantly playing. I really don’t want that stuck in my head. It’s a big deal for me…Indirectly or not, there’s some sort of influence there. I’m not looking for any kind of inspiration. When I set out to write music, I just try to get what’s going on inside me. Early on in making this record, I allowed myself to listen to some Queen and it just got me so down. I didn’t think I could ever make a song as good as those, which puts me in a corner. It might be great music but it’s a real negative influence if it’s not inspiring in the right way. Avoiding the whole lot of it is the best thing.”


I can’t go for long without mentioning James Murphy so here’s another mention: James Murphy praised their latest record in a recent Guardian piece which is more about Mr Murphy’s angle on things but still….


“I really love the new Liars record. I heard a track in a car in LA and it was really not what I expected, and I realised I hadn’t being paying much attention to them. It was really beautiful and haunting. I like pretty music by people who make ugly music. I don’t like pretty music by people who make pretty music very much – it smells like a scented candle. The pretty moments by people who are willing to make cacophony have a lot more power for me.”


Beautiful and haunting. That’s good enough for me. Is it good enough for you? Good. So come to the show. 

It’s Just Noise & Birmingham Promoters present:
LIARS + THE HAXAN CLOAK live at The Rainbow Warehouse
Doors 7pm // Ages 18+
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/SUnLCv


Photo: Call the cops - Liars in the UK soon... http://instagr.am/p/QHgLvmyyeo/