Supersonic Festival 2012

Recently we were asked to play Supersonic Festival. We’ve been asked to play some great shows this year, each one seemingly as diverse as the next one: supporting Editors (with Peace) at their one-off shows in June, Garden Festival in Croatia (Nicolas Jaar, Mark E, Tim Sweeney), Mostly Jazz Festival (Roots Manuva, Fred Wesley, George Clinton), Off The Cuff Festival (Future Of The Left, Three Trapped Tigers, Them Wolves). And now Supersonic Festival which feels the most surprising of all. In a nice way.

We’re playing on the Friday which is THIS Friday. Tickets & details here:

The pedigree of the festival is deep and wide. The pedigree of Capsule, the promoters behind it, perhaps runs deeper and wider. That’s a lot of pedigree. Go here to see the festival archive. I love looking at it and getting fond memories of shows I’ve seen.

ATP Festival have a similar thing on their website which evokes the same feeling. And while Supersonic occupies a different space to ATP metaphorically, the trust in the organisers to deliver a different, revitalising experience each year is the same. I know only a quarter of the acts on the bill. I know I’m going to be treated to a lot of new things. Great new things. Lasting things. Here’s the full line-up with links to each act. Check ‘em out:

And it’s not just live acts. There are exhibitions, talks, workshops, stalls etc. We’re playing Space 2 which I think is the old warehouse space at the ‘back’ of the Custard Factory (where Capsule also put on ATP’s Release The Bats which I was too cold to enjoy at the time due to some horrific Brit-storm). I hope that we can contribute to someone’s memories this year. If not, here are 5 acts that will contribute to a lot of people’s memories, certainly mine…

I’ve blogged about The Bug AKA Kevin Martin AKA King Midas Sound before. So, er, have a read o’ that here. He’ll be putting Future Dub in ya face-ears. Here’s Poison Dart:

Hype Williams - not overly keen on all the smoke and mirrors (heard their Primavera show was literally just that) but they put Steely Dan on a mixtape once. That’s enough for me. I don’t care whether it was ironic or not. Here’s Rescue Dawn:

Dylan Carson - couldn’t find any of his new solo stuff but here’s Father Midnight by Earth (Carson’s main thing), a jazzy majestic track which reminds me of Spring Heel Jack's Improv stuff:

Tim Hecker, ambient noise merchant, feels related to us with his melodic drone work. Here’s his new thing with Daniel Lopatin (AKA Oneohtrix Point Never & one half of Ford & Lopatin)

Lichens, who blew me away at ATP, will drown you in loops of guitar and vocals